Imagine the surprise of a granddaughter finding and connecting with an old friend of her grandmother’s over 50 years later! While at first the only link that Tiffany had to Jack Smith was through this 1964 Los Angeles Times newspaper article pictured below, she would soon come into contact with Captain Marvin “Jack” Smith Jr. in real time, via the Internet.

Jack was a gracious and helpful resource to Tiffany at the beginning of this project, and connecting with Jack really helped to bring the story full circle.

Jack Smith Video Interview Series

Below follows a video series courtesy of Vic Campbell at Buzz Creek, which is the life story of Jack Smith (captured at the age of 94 in 2017) as told to a shipmate from USS O’Callahan DE 1051. In video #4, Jack talks about his experience of being married to Joan, and what life was like for him following her fatal plane crash.

You can also learn more about Jack in this blog post from Vic Campbell dated August 5, 2018.

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