Jessica Santina, Editor

Jessica Santina

Jessica Santina’s writing career started the summer when she was 11. That summer, she and her father created their own hand-bound book of poetry that they’d written together, which they called “Pop & Kid: Collected Writings.” Her editing career began shortly thereafter, when she found herself correcting her sixth grade teacher’s misspellings on the blackboard.

Jessica went on to attend college at Emory University in Atlanta (where she’d grown up), with a major in English and a minor in French (most of which she’s forgotten by now). She earned her B.A. in English in 1994. Then, in 1996, bound and determined to have an adventure and begin a writing career, Jessica packed up her car and drove to Reno to study writing the University of Nevada, where she earned her Master of Arts in English in 1998.

Since then, her professional experience has included 7 years in broadcasting production and promotion at three local television stations, account maintenance at a local advertising/PR firm, and teaching communications and writing at the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Phoenix Northern Nevada Campus (as Lead Faculty Area Chair in the College of Humanities).

Jessica formed her own writing and editing business in November 2003. Her writing work has included nonfiction articles for local publications, websites and online content, advertising and marketing pieces, publicity materials, collateral, newsletters, resumes, professional profiles and bios, ghostwriting of books and articles. She has served as editor and associate editor for RLIFE and Family Pulse magazines, and as managing editor for edible Reno-Tahoe magazine. Her editing experience also includes copyediting a wide range of marketing, advertising, collateral, and website materials, dissertations, newsletters, signage, and books. Visit Jessica’s website here.

Sarah Katreen Hoggatt, Graphic Designer

Sarah Katreen Hoggatt

Sarah Katreen Hoggatt has been writing, editing, and running her own publishing company for over ten years. The author of several books including Learning to FlyIn His EyesEncountering the HolyIn the Wild PlacesFinding Love’s Way, and Spirit Rising (contributing editor), she also writes for and helps edit several publications around the world. With a wealth of experience editing and laying out books of poetry, prose, academic works, memoirs, and anthologies, and guiding other authors through the process of publishing, she knows well the whole process from the first idea for a book to marketing the printed copies. Learn more about Sarah here.

Nuno Moreira, Cover Artist

Nuno Moreira

Nuno Moreira, a Portuguese graphic designer and photographer, works with projects that include book covers, CD layouts, magazine illustration and identity development. Nuno’s influences are diverse and derive from areas of personal interest such as: cinema, painting, music, or architecture. The approach to design is always instinctive and enriched by a strong communication with the client. To learn more about Nuno, please visit his website at

With over 10 years experience in print design and a particular passion for books, Nuno has been working continuously with a variety of publishers, small presses, literary agents and independent authors in Europe, USA and Asia. Nuno’s work is varied and emphasizes color dynamics, striking type arrangements and rich textures, bringing to each project a particular attention to detail and a unique atmosphere.