(The following bio is taken verbatim from Trixie’s 1963 book A Bell in the Heart: The autobiography of Patty Gardenseed, America’s ambassador of good will.)

Trixie-Ann Gehrung Schubert, graduate of the University of Wisconsin, has had a varied career in writing: editor of a weekly newspaper, radio announcer, news writer for The Milwaukee Journal AM, FM and TV stations, aviation columnist, and as a freelance correspondent in America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Though born in Denver, Colorado, where her grandfather, Dr. Eugene C. Gehrung, was the first physician to practice medicine, she spent early childhood in Hollywood with her father, motion picture actor and director Gene Gehrung, and her pianist mother, Laura Boyce Gehrung, who died when Trixie-Ann was six years old.

She is married to Dr. Delwyn G. Schubert, reading specialist and professor at Los Angeles State College, and is mother of Patrice 12, Heidi 10, and Norman 7. Mrs. Schubert calls herself an “air conditioned housewife.” An avid aviatrix, she has held a pilot’s license for twenty years, and has flown in both International and Transcontinental Air Races.

As a writer of books, Trixie-Ann has a commanding style, and is prolific. She has completed two other books and is signed for an Adventure Series based on the life of Patty Gardenseed, to preserve a spirit so dear to all America.

(Courtesy: Western Publishers, 1963)