Did Joan and Trixie simply share a deep interest in all things Amelia Earhart, or was there something more to Joan’s story?

In addition to leaving behind a draft copy of her manuscript entitled World Flight: Joan Merriam-Smith, Trixie also kept a variety of research materials behind that were related to the book. Many of those items had to do with Amelia Earhart’s disappearance. Among those items were the following materials:

  • a letter written to Trixie’s employer at General Aviation News from a World War II vet claiming to have met Amelia Earhart after she disappeared;
  • a copy of the book Daughter in the Sky with a personal note from its author, Paul Briand Jr., who was the first author to contest the true nature of the Earhart disappearance;
  • copies of a couple of telegrams regarding Amelia’s disappearance from her own mother, Amy Otis Earhart;
  • a copy of an original 1944 article from The American Weekly outlining speculation regarding Amelia’s disappearance;
  • a handful of pictures showing Amelia with planes or alongside of President Franklin D. Roosevelt;
  • some original Amelia Earhart stamps
  • various other photos, articles and memorabilia

Before coming across these items, Tiffany knew next to nothing about the theories surrounding Amelia Earhart’s disappearance, let alone any of the details about her world flight attempt. Because of the fact that Joan was focused on completing the Amelia Earhart route, these items soon stood out as interesting.

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