In 1964, Joan’s glory of completing a world flight was dimmed because the first woman to achieve substantial and international press for finishing a flight around the world solo went to Jerrie Mock, an American housewife and recreational pilot.

President Johnson awards flier Jerrie Mock with gold medal in 1964 (Source)

According to research completed by Amy Saunders, a former reporter for The Columbus Dispatch, Jerrie Mock’s decision to fly solo around the world began with a conversation one night at the dinner table. As the story goes, Jerrie complained to her husband, Russ, that she was bored with staying at home all day (as a mother with three children). He suggested:

“Maybe you should get in your plane and just fly around the world.”

~Russell Mock

This would soon turn out to be a challenge that she willingly accepted. As fate would have it, both Joan and Jerrie would take off for their world flights within just two days of one another. But how did two such carefully planned flights, and of such magnitude, come together only two days apart? Read the book to find out all the details, with new information to share, informed by Trixie’s original notes and writings.