In 1964, Trixie was working on a book about Joan’s life story, which was on track to be published following discussions with her distributor in early February of 1965. Because Joan and Trixie died together in a plane crash on February 17, 1965, the book was ultimately never published.

An excerpt from Trixie’s 1964 holiday card

The pages of Trixie’s original manuscript—entitled World Flight: Joan Merriam Smith—are paper thin, emphasized with blue, typewritten ink, and covered with scribbled, handwritten notes. Few things about its condition would make any normal person want to jump in and read it. But for Tiffany, the question of digging in was a no-brainer.

With zero knowledge about the details of Joan’s accomplishment, nor any understanding of Joan and Trixie’s friendship, she wondered what she might learn. With a completely open mind, she was eager to find out.

Join Tiffany on an adventure to learn more about Joan Merriam Smith and her never before told, first-person experience of becoming the first person to fly solo around the equator in 1964.

2 thoughts on “Original Manuscript

  1. Tiffany, I’m intrigued with how you’re unearthing and connecting events. This is quite an endeavor and especially interesting because you’re compiling a picture of how pioneering women are working and relating their experiences. Keep going!


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